CCBot/2.0 ( ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- LibHTTP Version 100 by Michiel 'El Muerte' Hendriks ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- LibHTTP is a general purpose library for the Unreal Warfare engine. It contains classes for accessing and manipulating data available on websites. * HttpSock A TCP socket for retreving documents from a website. HttpSock supports: - GET/POST support - Transparent redirecting (automatically follow redirects) - Basic Authentication - Header management - Cookie management - HTTP Proxy * HttpCookies The cookie manager that can be used with HttpSock * HttpUtil Static commonly used functions, including Base64 encode/decode routines * NewsFeed A RSS\RDF parser. You can use this to parse the RSS\RDF data retreived with a HttpSock For complete documentation and examples visit the UnrealWiki: ----------------------------------- LICENSE --------------------------------- LibHTTP is provided under the Lesser GPL. The complete source code is available from the website. Please respect the Lesser GPL: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Michiel 'El Muerte' Hendriks The Drunk Snipsers - ICT Solutions -----------------------------------------------------------------------------