****** Frnz Talking Icon 100 ******
Author        : $Author: jwalstra $
Revision      : $Revision: 1.1 $
Checkout Date : $Date: 2003/06/21 05:47:24 $
Source File   : $Source: /home/cvs/TalkingIcon/Info/TA_README.html,v $

See LICENSE or http://www.fsf.org/license/gpl.txt

Coded using "vim". The only editor you'll ever need.
***** About *****
This mutator came about due to guilt about shooting talking players in UT2003.
In UT, players had talking animations, but in UT2003 either they have none or
are hard to distinguish from the normal idle animation.
Others in the clan I'm in had the same problem so necessity breeds innovation
... or stealing from another game. The idea came from Quake 3, with it's chat
There is not much to this mutator. It just puts an icon above your head when you
are talking. There no configuration files and no client controls.
This document is meant for server admins.
***** Installation *****
The archived file should contain the following files ...
   1. System/TA100.u
   2. System/TA100.int
   3. System/TA100.md5
   4. Help/TalkingIcon/TA100/LICENSE
   5. Help/TalkingIcon/TA100/TA_README.html
This archive should be unzipped into your UT2003 base directory in order for the
files to be placed in the correct location.
***** Server *****
**** Post Install ****
Once you have installed Frnz Talking Icon 100, you will need to edit your server
.ini file. Servers use UT2003.ini if not told differently.
You need to add ServerPackages=TA100 into the [Engine.GameEngine] section.
. ( other lines )
In case you want to put Frnz Talking Icon 100 into your UTSecure rules, here is
the MD5 information. This information can also be found in UT2003/System/
Executing Class Engine.MasterMD5Commandlet
 MD5 Database Management

Performing full MD5 on TA100.u

 GUID = [A0AA8392D7119FA3D000C6874E3993B7]
  MD5 = [3eec446237230e8cd8cedc54c7f83eab]

Success - 0 error(s), 0 warning(s)
You will need to add, to the section of the version of UTSecure you are
currently using, the following lines ...
. ( other lines )
Checks=( FName="TA100.u", MD5="3eec446237230e8cd8cedc54c7f83eab", ...
  MD5Type=2,GUID="A0AA8392D7119FA3D000C6874E3993B7", MaxGenerations=1)
NOTE: The "..." just means continuation of the line.
**** Starting A Server ****
UT2003 has two says to start a server. One is via the Host Multiplayer Game menu
in UT2003, the other is by using UCC.exe ( Windows ) or ucc-bin ( Linux ).
UCC.exe server ?game=mutator=TA100.MutTalkingIcon ini= log=
./ucc-bin server ?game=mutator=TA100.MutTalkingIcon ini= log=
***** Client *****
There is no reason to use the Frnz Talking Icon 100 in a single player game
since it doesn't work for bots.
***** TODO *****
I've had requests to put all sorts of goodies in this mutator, like punishing
type killers. I'm holding off since, KISS ( keep it simple stupid ) was the goal
for this mutator. So there is nothing TODO.
***** Change Log *****
**** Release 100 (First Release) ****
    * Coded this monkey.

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