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// IRCReporter : An IRC match reporter bot for UT2004.
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// Info:
	IRCReporter is an IRC match reporter bot for UT2004. It will run as a
	serveractor on a server, and report the events in the match (kills,
	flag captures, node attacks, etc) to the IRC channel on the server

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// Install:
	To install IRCReporter, extract the IRCReporter.u
	file to your ut2004/System directory.

	To make the bot run, you will need to add a line to your server's INI
	file, under the [Engine.GameEngine] area:

	You will also need to edit the INI file to change which server and
	channel the bot connects to, and also set the options avaliable.

	See below for instructions on this.

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// Configuration:	
	You MUST configure the bot to tell it where to go, what name to use, etc. 
	Copy and paste the following two lines into your server's INI file:



	You will need to edit the above line to change the bot's options. 
	Below is information on each of the options:
	Server		The server the bot connects to.
	Port		The port on the server.
	BotName		The nickname the bot uses.
	Channel		The channel the bot joins.
	bDisplayKills	Whether the bot shows kills.
	bDisplayChat	Whether the bot shows in-game chat.
	bSetTopic	Whether the bot changes the topic, if this is set to 
			false, the bot displays	the data to the channel instead 
			of setting the topic.
	bNoStatus	Disables the showing of status updates (normally shown
			in the topic).
	ScoreShowFrequency	The time (in seconds) between displaying the 
				names and scores of the players on each time.
				Set to 0 to disable.
	bNoAttackMsg	When set to false, the powernode and core 'under attack'
			messages are not shown when reporting an ONS match.
	bQuiet		Bot will slow only score updates and joins/parts.
	bDebug		Normally false. When set to true, the conversation
			between the bot and the IRC server is logged into the
			server log file.
	These are fairly self-explanatory. The colours are the IRC colour
	numbers. Eg: 04 is normally red, 03 a green colour. Just change the
	values for whatever colours you want to use.

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// Notes:
	The bot will drop connection every level change, and may sometimes
	flood itself off IRC. In each case it will reconnect as soon as it can.
	If the bot is kicked, it will try to rejoin the channel.
	It might be an idea to run an ident server on the bot, to expedite its
	connecting to an IRC server.
	IRCReporter v1.10 by [-will-] 
	Feel free to send me any bugs, suggestions, queries, and comments.
	Also visit the FragHouse Mod Team (http://fraghouse.beyondunreal.com/) 
	-- MOID!

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