Title         : WebChatLog
Game          : Unreal Tournament
Version       : 2.2
Release Date  : 1/28/2001
Filenames     : WebChatLog.u, WebChatLog.dll
Author        : Bruce Bickar aka BDB
Email Address : [email protected] 
                (*Note: Please search my message board for answers to your problems and/or questions.)
Web Page      : http://www.planetunreal.com/BDBUnreal

Description   : WebChatLog is an Unreal Tournament server addon that writes in game messages such as 
                say and teamsay messages to a separate HTML formated file.
                It writes the messages to a separate html file for each game in a configurable directory.
                Unique file names are generated based on the current date and time.
                File Name Format:

                YYYY = Year
                MM = Month                
                DD = Day
                HH = Hour
                MM = Minute

Requirements  : - Windows 9X, NT, or 2000 
                - Unreal Tournament version 432 or better.
                - (Not Required, but recommended) Sometype of web server software. (example: IIS, HTTPServer)

                Sorry, no Linux or Mac version is planned. 
                I am willing to make the C++ source for the dll available to anyone who want
                to try making a Linux or Mac version. Just EMail me.
Installation Instruction :
              1. Copy WebChatLog.u and WebChatLog.dll to your \UnrealTournament\System directory
              2. Edit UnrealTournament.ini file and add the following: 
              ServerActors=WebChatLog.WebChatLog     <===* add this


              ;* add this section to the bottom of the file. 
--------You can copy & paste this section------------------------
              ; Explaination of settings:
              LogFilePath=d:\WebChatLog <===* change this file path to your liking.
                                              Default is the UnrealTournament\System directory.

              bLogIPAddress=False       <===* set to True will log the IP address
                                              of new players that join the server.
                                              Default is False.

              bLogLocalizedMessages=True <==* Set to true to log Localized messages. 
                                              Localized messages are death messages and other types
                                              of messages that come from the server. Default is True

              bLogGameSummary=True       <==* Set to true to log the scores of all the players at
                                              the end of the game. Default is True

              BodyBackGroundColor=#AAAAAA   <===* The back-ground color of the log page. 

              TableBackGroundColor=#BBBBBB  <===* The back-ground color of the message log table. 

              TextColor=#000000             <===* The color of the text. 

              HeaderBackGroundColor=#000000 <===* The back-ground color of the message log table header. 

              HeaderTextColor=#FFFFFF       <===* The color of the message log table header text.    
                * Note: Included with this package is a color look up page (bgcolors1536.html).
                This file will show you all of the colors and their hexidecimal value to use. 
                Just double click it to open it or open it with your web browser.

              FontSize=12         <===* Size of the text on the page, increase for larger text,
                                              decrease for smaller.
              bMakeDateDir=True   <===* When set to True WebChatLog will automatically make subdirectories
                                        under the set LogFilePath based on Year\Month\Day and write the
                                        log files to that new directory based on the current date.
               Example result directory structure: D:\WebChatLog\2002\01\27\
                                        Set to False and all log files will be written to the LogFilePath
                                        directory setting.

              3. Configure your web server to allow directory browsing for the specified chat log directory.
                 Note: a web server is not required if you want to just look at the files locally.

              4. Start the UT server

              5. Open your web browser and go to

                 Note: You can look at the current games chatlog while the game is still in progress 
                       with Internet Explorer but this will probably not work with Netscape Navigator.

Change History:
  Version 1.0 - Initial release. My first native Unreal mod.  
  Version 1.1 - Fixed problem with Windows 98 compatiblity.
  Version 2.0 - Fixed Team Message Logging
              - Fixed Tactical Ops 2.0 compatiblity problem.
              - Added a Message Type column to the chat table.  
              - Added IP address logging that writes the IP address of any new players joining the server.
  Version 2.1 - Added Localized Message logging (Death Messages, etc.)
              - Reduced the number of times that the log file is opened and closed during a game 
                to make it more efficient.
              - Added the Game Summary logging at the end of the game. Includes map name, player and team scores.
              - Used CSS for color specifications to reduce the over all size of the log file.
              - Made page colors user configurable.
  Version 2.2 - Added configurable Font Size.
              - Added feature that creates a subdirectory structure based on the current Year\Month\Day.
              - Fixed team summary compatiblity problem with Tactical Ops version 2.

Thanks to: Usaar33 for his help with the native C code.

UNREAL TOURNAMENT (c)1999 Epic Megagames, Inc.  All Rights Reserved.  
Distributed by GT Software, Inc. under license.  UNREAL TOURNAMENT and 
the UNREAL TOURNAMENT logo are registered trademarks of Epic Megagames, Inc. 
All other trademarks and trade names are properties of their respective owners.

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