CCBot/2.0 ( ___ ___ _____ _____ _____ _____ / | / | / __ \ / __ | / __ \ / __ \ / /| |/ /| | / / | | / / | | / / | | \ \ |_| / / | , / | | | / / | / / / | | / / | _ \ \ / / |__/ | | | |__/ / / /___/ / | |__/ / | |_\ \ /_/ |_| \_____/ /_______/ \_____/ \_____| UTils v2.5 by [TTH]PJMODOS [=====------ииииииииии WHO WHAT WHY ииииииииии------=====] MODOS Utils are server actors that was originaly created by me for my UT server: TeamBalancer - actor that balance teams when any user writes "MUTATE BALACETEAMS" in console. AutoRecorder - actor for automatic serverside demo recording. MODOS ScoreBoard - changes ScoreBoard to show more info. SplashLogo - Allows you to display texture (logo) at begin play. If you don't know how to create UT texture package with logo see LogoHowto.txt. It will NOT show logo on servers with UTPureRC5b, but should work with UTPureRC5b2 and later. See History for latest changes. [=====------иииииииии INSTALLATION ииииииииии------=====] Installation is easy, just place the MODOSUtilsV25.u file in your system directory and start editing the server .ini file. Add the following lines to the [Engine.GameEngine] section: ServerActors=MODOSUtilsV25.TeamBalanceActor ServerActors=MODOSUtilsV25.AutoRecorder ServerActors=MODOSUtilsV25.MODOSSBServerActor ServerActors=MODOSUtilsV25.SplashLogoSA First line is for TeamBalancer, second is for Autorecorder, third is for MODOS Scoreboard and fourth is for SplashLogo. If you use MODOS ScoreBoard or SplashLogo you must include this line too: ServerPackages=MODOSUtilsV25 And if you use SplashLogo you must include this: ServerPackages=logopackage (replace logopackage with name of your texture package) Now the AutoRecorder configuration, add the following section to the same server .ini: [MODOSUtilsV25.AutoRecorder] bAutoActivate=False Password= DemosDir=../Demos/ DemoNameFormat=%L_%M-%D-%Y_%H-%I MODOS ScoreBoard configuration - add the following section to the same server .ini: [MODOSUtilsV25.MODOSSBServerActor] ShowClickBoard=True ShowBonusInfo=0 And SplashLogo configuration - add the following section to the same server .ini: [MODOSUtilsV25.SplashLogoSA] LogoTexture=logopackage.logotexture LogoDrawTime=6.0 CaptionLineOne= CaptionLineTwo= CaptionLineThree= CaptionLineFour= (replace logopackage with name of your package and logotexture with name of your texture) [=====------иииииииии SETUP ииииииииии------=====] Detailed description of configuration. AutoRecorder configuration: - bAutoActivate : If set to True then auto demorecording will start at the begining of every map, otherwise it will record demo when user writes "MUTATE SERVERDEMO" in console. - Password : If you allow users to start demorecording you can set password, so only users that have password can start recording. I you leave this empty password is not required for start recording. Syntax for recording if password is set is "MUTATE SERVERDEMO PASSWORD". Password is case sensitive. - DemosDir : Directory where to place demos (with trailing slash and without spaces). - DemoNameFormat : Pattern for demo name. Following flags are replaced: %L - Level Name %M - Month %D - Day %Y - Year %H - Hour %I - Minute %S - Seconds %N - ServerName MODOS ScoreBoard configuration: - ShowClickBoard : If you want to see green flag at playername in tournament mode when player is ready set this to True. If you are using UTPure and want ClickBoard I recommend to set ClickBoard in UTPure to False and in MODOS ScoreBoard to True. - ShowBonusInfo : 0 = Nothing, 1 = NetSpeed, 2 = Efficiency. This work only if 16 or less players are on server and resolution of player is 800x600 or more. In DeathMatch and LMS can't be showed both PL and BonusInfo, so if you set this to 1 or more then only BonusInfo is showed in DM and LMS. SplashLogo configuration: - LogoTexture : Package and texture name. - LogoDrawTime : How long is logo showed in seconds. - CaptionLineOne : Text CaptionLineTwo : that will be CaptionLineThree : displayed CaptionLineFour : under logo. [=====------иииииииии CONTACT ииииииииии------=====] If you find bugs, or think of changes/new features feel free to email me. email: ut servers mailing list or IRC: #UT.CZ on QuakeNet ( or #Unrealscript on ETG ( after 21:00 GMT [=====------иииииииии THANKS TO ииииииииии------=====] UsAaR33 - DemoNameFormat parsing code, old NetSpeed replication code TheCatcher - "Eagle Head" bug fix TNSe - PureFlag code (used in clickboard) Larathiel the Death Elf - suggestions and betatesting Coop - suggestions and betatesting [TTH]xbungie - alphatesting [=====------иииииииии LICENCE ииииииииии------=====] You may freely distribute this archive, as long as it remains PERFECTLY intact. If you wish to create a modification based upon the code contained within the MODOSUtils.u package then you may contact me first. You may not sell, broadcast, or otherwise market this mod without permission. You may advertise and encourage the use of this mod as much as you see fit. This modification is provided completely as is. You run this modification completely at your own risk. I accept no liability for loss or damage (to your equipment or sanity) due to the installation/use of this modification. [=====------иииииииии VERSION HISTORY ииииииииии------=====] v2.5 * Final release for UT1 + Right team name shown when swicthed by TeamBalancer + Logo now shows on every connect and on every mapchange + Bad LogoText possitioning fixed v2.3 + Fixed bug in ClickBoard - green flag didn't show in DM and LMS in tournament mode + Fixed bug in TeamBalancer - now never change the team of a person carrying the flag v2.2 + Fixed bug in ClickBoard + Fixed bug in SplashLogo v2.1 + Completely rewritten demoenhacing code. This mean that bug with crashing UT when spectator was in game while recording is fixed. Also "unlimited spectators can join when maxpectators is more than zero" bug is fixed. And last thing changed with new demoenhacing code is that MODOSViewFC now don't work (I'm not replacing spectator but only scoreboard and hud so I can't write functions which can be called from console) + Changed ShowNetSpeed to ShowBonusInfo (you can select netspeed or efficiency, for more read documentation above). If you want more options than netspeed and efficiency write me (with my new replication code I can add anything now). v2.0 + Fixed problems with my custom spectator used for demoenhacing + Added function for spectators to fast switch to FlagCarrier or best fragged (type MODOSViewFC in your console or bind it to some key) in my custom spectator in MODOS ScoreBoard (also work in demos) v2.0b3 + Fixed problems with Valhala Avatar (new NetSpeed replication code from UsAaR33) + Serverside demos recorded with MODOS ScoreBoard will be enhaced with it (Standard server demos have DM HUD without ScoreBoard, demos with MODOS ScoreBoard have correct HUD and MODOS ScoreBoard) + Information message when player is forced to change team in TeamBalancer + Months(%M), Days(%D), Hours(%H), Minutes(%I) and Seconds(%S) are now with leading zeros in AutoRecorder v2.0b2 + Fixed "Clickboard is active even if tourney mode is not" bug + Option to turnoff Clickboard + SplashLogo should now work but it seems that it will not show logo in first map (after starting server) after first join. + Another bug in configuration of MODOS ScoreBoard fixed (netspeed should now work) + Any "mutate" command cause "Cannot start demorecording now" message bug fixed v2.0b + Added SplashLogo + Added clickboard (green flag shows at player name when he is ready in tournament mode) to MODOS ScoreBoard (thx to TNSe who gives me code for PureFlag) + NetSpeed is showed properly in MODOS ScoreBoard from now + Each teams average ping and packet loss in MODOS ScoreBoard - Removed limitation for user request only after game starts - now user requested demos can be recorded before game starts in tournament mode + Information if demo can be recorded or not when user request it + Posbility of password protected user requested demorecording (MUTATE SERVERDEMO PASSWORD) + Added some bugs I am sure :))) v1.7 + Bug in configuration of MODOS ScoreBoard fixed v1.6 + Fixed "Eagle Head" bug + Added option to show NetSpeed in MODOS ScoreBoard (requested by coop) + Some small improvements in code. v1.5b + Added MODOS ScoreBoard (requested on UT servers mailing list) v1.0 + Added DemoNameFormat configuration in AutoRecorder + Fixed bug in TeamBalancer v0.7 * First release Copyright (c) Petr Jelinek (PJMODOS)