CCBot/2.0 ( ________ ________________________ __ ___/______________ ________________ |_____ /_____ /_______ _____ \_ _ \_ ___/_ | / / _ \_ ___/_ /| | __ /_ __ /__ ___/ ____/ // __/ / __ |/ // __/ / _ ___ / /_/ / / /_/ / _(__ ) /____/ \___//_/ _____/ \___//_/ /_/ |_\__,_/ \__,_/ /____/ by El Muerte version 101 [=====------ииииииииии WHO WHAT WHERE ииииииииии------=====] Server adds is an UT addition that will display a few lines of text every X seconds in everybody's console. You can use it do advertise your homepage, or what ever. [=====------иииииииии INSTALLATION ииииииииии------=====] Installation is easy, just place the ServerAdds.u file in you system directory and start editing the server .ini file. Add the following line to the [Engine.GameEngine] section: ServerActors=ServerAdds.ServerAdds Now the ServerAdds configuration, add the following section to the same server .ini: [ServerAdds.ServerAdds] fDelay=300 iRepeat=1 iGroupSize=1 iAddType=0 bDontWrapList=False sLines[0]= [=====------иииииииии SETUP ииииииииии------=====] - fDelay is the delay in seconds when a new message is displayed (default = 300 , 5 minutes) - iRepeat is the numer of repeats of every message cycle, it's adviced to leave it to the default value (1) - iGroupSize is the size of a message group, this is used in some iAddType settings - iAddType defines how to display the messages, it can have the following values: 0 Old Skool, just display all lines every cycle, it seems to be limited to only the first 4 lines. 1 Cycle list, every time the next message is display, 1 line at the time. 2 Cycle list with groups, every time a group of messages is displayed, use iGroupSize to define the size of the Groups 3 Random message, displays a random message (only 1 line) 4 multiple random messages, this displays a iGroupSize amouth of random messages 5 random multiple messages, this displays a group of messages, the first message is randomly chosen, the next iGroupSize lines are the lines that succeed the first line in the list - bDontWrapList defines if the list should be wrapped when it reaches the end of it (only for grouped messages, type 2,4 and 5). Default is false, so it will display the first line again in the group. If true the Grouped messages will not be filled completely, only the remaining items will be displayed. - sLines[#] are the lines of text that will be displayed, you can add up to 25 lines (0 to 24). If you add an # in front of the text the message will be an Admin message (only in ut 430 and up) [=====------иииииииии WEB ADMIN ииииииииии------=====] Since version 101 ServerAdds also has an webadmin, to enable the web admin you have to add the following to the [UWeb.WebServer] section in the server .ini file: Applications[2]=ServerAdds.WebAdmin ApplicationPaths[2]=/ServerAdds Replace the 2 for a free entry. To protect the WebAdmin with a password you have to add the following to the same .ini file: [ServerAdds.WebAdmin] AdminRealm=ServerAdds admin AdminUsername= AdminPassword= If you set the AdminRealm, AdminUsername, AdminPassword to the same values as the Default UT WebAdmin you don't have to login again. [=====------иииииииии CONTACT ииииииииии------=====] If you find any bugs, or think of changes\new features feel free to email me (or post them on the UT Servers mailing list) email: ICQ # 48951239 [=====------иииииииии LINKS ииииииииии------=====] TDS Unreal Tournament Servers TDS ReServe (server reservation program) - development UT Watcher (server monitor) Planet Unreal