CCBot/2.0 ( // ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- // IRCReporter v1.00 // ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *1 -- Install *2 -- Info *3 -- Servers *4 -- Config *5 -- Problems *6 -- Notes // ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- // 1 -- Install // ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Extract the contents of this archive to your UT2003/System directory. // ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- // 2 -- Info // ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- IRCReporter is a serverside IRC reporter bot. It will sit in an IRC channel and report what is happening in the current match to the channel. It's that simple. IRCReporter requires patch 2316 (or whatever number it is ;) // ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- // 3 -- Servers // ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- No serverpackages needed for this, it's a serverside mutator. Just specify the mutator in your UCC server command like so: UCC Server CTF-Face3&Game=UnrealGame.CTFGame&Mutator=IRCReporter.IRC_Main And you're done! You will want to read the configuration section below though... // ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- // 4 -- Config // ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- IRCReporter can be configured through three methods: Editing the INI file, console commands while logged in as admin, and commands while it is logged in on IRC. INI ---- For the INI file, you need to do some things manually. Copy the text below into your server's INI file, editing it as appropriate: (note that BotPort is the port on the IRC server it connects to). [IRCReporter.IRC_Main] botname=IRCReport BotChannel=#IRCReporterBot.00 BotIdent=IRCBOT BotPort=6667 ScoreFrequency=120 BotPassword=p4ssw0rd RejoinOnKick=True ShouldShowKills=True Recently added are perform commands. These take the form of just as many PerformCommands= lines as you want, followed by the command. For example: PerformCommands=MSG [-will-] Bot Online! PerformCommands=NOTICE [-will-] Bot Online! it will execute both of the above. you can add as many perform commands as you want. Supported are MSG and NOTICE. If you want to use others, you must use their raw irc form, in which "MSG" looks like PRIVMSG Name Message. Perform commands are executed on CHANNEL JOIN, so your bot can auth and request ops from whichever service bot you want it to. CONSOLE ------- Adjustments through the console can be done after logging in as admin. Once you are logged in you can use these commands: Admin Set IRCReporter.IRC_Main BotName Admin Set IRCReporter.IRC_Main BotServer Admin Set IRCReporter.IRC_Main BotPort Admin Set IRCReporter.IRC_Main BotChannel Admin Set IRCReporter.IRC_Main BotIdent Admin Set IRCReporter.IRC_Main ScoreFrequency